Who are you?

I know I know… you are a spiritual being having a human experience or maybe you know your Myers Briggs or Enneagram type, you know your doshas, your chakras are in line, Omm is your middle name …

The point is are you a designer? Do you have years of webmaster experience? How familiar are you with SEO? Like spiritual practices and personality tests, the big question is who are you? Do you want to put the time and effort into your marketing or into your practice?

At Well design I want this process to be fast and pain free. I want you to see immediate results. Don’t get bogged down in the design – get on with it. Don’t waste hours “friend-ing” and liking pages and groups or tweeting at random. Let us help you make marketing fast efficient and USEFUL.

I want marketing to be a small percentage of your activity so you can focus on what makes your heart sing.

You work to bring wellness to the world.  I am here to improve your wellness: remove the stress of figuring out how to do websites, flyers, ad campagnes and of course filling seats in your event, clients on your massage table, yoga nuts on your mats.

So, who am I? A spiritual being having a human experience but  I AM a designer, a webmaster, and marketing consultant…


Need a hand?

CV Design & Consulting

The design & lay-out of your CV will be your first impression. Make it a good one. Clarity is not just in the words but also the readability.

Web Magician

Get your website fast. No fuss no muss. Let’s just get it up and working for you! Try the amazing new “Trust” offer.

Graphic Design

Flyers, Business Cards, logos, brochures… Web and social media advertisements. In YOUR style not mine.

Event Promotion

What if someone else were working to find your clients and attendees to your workshops and events?  Pay only for those we send you. Conditions apply.


Take a look

Over 20 years of professional experience. Here are just a few samples of most recent works.



  • Event flyers, Discount promotion, Service listing…
  • Print ready file provided
  • Custom design
  • Content consulting

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  • WordPress Website
  • 2 hours training for making your own updates
  • 5 pages (add more on your own easily)
  • Includes images unless specific stock photos are requested

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  • Complete marketing package to get you going.
  • Logo
  • WordPress Website
  • Business Card Design
  • 1 Flyer Design

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